My Blog’s Mission

My Blog’s Mission

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I am not sure how many people are interested in Soviet culture and cuisine. I am starting this blog as a quasi-memoir to document my family’s story and the foods of the Soviet Union which are so intertwined with our traditions.

The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food

My goal is to work through the bible of Soviet cooking, “The Book of Tasty and Healthy food” (Книга о вкусной и здоровой пише), which is akin to of what “The Art of French Cooking” is to French cuisine. It can seem as grey and typical to many however this book is the cornerstone of Soviet culinary tradition, the only thing that could be better is your own Grandma’s cooking (although not everyone has a Russian grandmother….). This book was established in the 30’s and was considered an almanac for home cooks as it has every Soviet recipe under the sun. My own grandmother lugged the heavy book (weighing one kilo or two) when she emigrated to Australia and it was gifted to her by her mother-in-law in the 50’s. It has become a family heirloom of ours’ and a legacy all over the FSU.

I aim to cook one or two recipes per week and I will translate them from the original Russian in the book. Obviously some dishes are cooked differently in the book so I will also write about the versions that my family is used to. Through this blog I would also like to tell some stories about my family’s experiences in the USSR. Bear with me, I am not a professional blogger but I will do my best as well as providing the best photos that I can.

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